For cottage owners in Savonranta

cottageIf you are the owner of one or more cottages that you want to rent out, than you can put these cottage(s) on our website with the name of the cottage, the description, photos, email, etc.
The listings are free.
There are a number of fields on the form that you need to fill in. The description should be no longer than 110 words and a maximum of 4 photos can be posted.
After submitting the cottage, it will be reviewed and published by an administrator as soon as possible.
Before you can submit a cottage, you must first register yourself using this form. Immediately after that you can register your cottage on this page.

Do you need help? Please send an email to: They will then help you to put your cottage on the website.
For questions or comments you can send an email to or you can also use the email form on this page.