Savonranta hart van Saimaa

Welcome to Savonranta heart of Saimaa, a true natural paradise!

In south-eastern Finland, hidden in vast forests and among crystal-clear lakes
lies our small village with around 376 hospitable inhabitants (31-12-2021). On the banks of Savo and on the edge of the
Kolovesi National Park. You breathe in pure air, feel the gentle breeze and hear nature calling you.

Our village expands every summer with many guests, who enjoy drinks, food and music in the cafes in the centre,
and then retire to their traditional log cabins on the long banks and on the many islands to enjoy the peace and quiet.
You lose track of time when the midsummer night sun shines for about 20 hours and sinks just below the horizon at night.
The silence is magical after the wind dies down and the forest sleeps.

Take your time-out, come to yourself and unstress in Savonranta. You are most welcome!

569 km² of nature awaits you
peace and space to relax
clean air and crystal clear water
no mass tourism

These are just a few ingredients to completely relax and enjoy a carefree holiday.

Polku pirun mysteereihin savonranta

Savonranta is known for ancient tales of mystery.

Go on a journey with a connoisseur of stories, a spell reader, a guardian of timeless knowledge, and discover the region’s power spots and the demonic tales that go with them.


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