Seasons in Finland

Seasons in Finland

Seasons in Finland.

The average temperature in Finland varies from region to region. In the southern and Eastern regions of the country dominated temperate Maritime and continental climate. In Northern Finland the climate shifts from continental to Arctic type.
Seasons in Finland vary a lot. Each season is different, but summer is the best time to visit Finland.


Because of the long, cold winter Finns celebrate their summer very passionately. Some go to music festivals, offering a choice of jazz, blues, rock, opera and chamber music. Others are sailing among the coastal islands or enjoying slow life at their summer cottages – swimming, fishing and cooking dinner on the grill. For three brief – but oh, so sweet! – months, the temperatures soar high and the sun does not set at all.


Summer ends with an explosion of colour in the forests.
This is the season known as ‘ruska’, when the autumnal reds, browns and yellows are especially beautiful on the fells of Lapland.
September is also a popular time for trekking in northern Finland.

Seasons in Finland

summer in finland
autumn in finland
autumn in finland

Summer in figures

+15°C  –  +32°C
Around 100 days
June – August

Autumn in figures

+2°C – +15°C
80 – 90 days
September – November


During January and February, there is almost always snow in northern and eastern Finland. Even if there’s little snow in Helsinki, there’s often up to a metre or more on the skiing slopes of Lapland. The snow season in northern Finland begins in November and lasts at least until May. In the inland regions of southern and central Finland, the first snow falls at the beginning of December and melts during late March and April.


Summer is short in Finland and spring is even shorter. In southern Finland there is often snow on the ground at the beginning of April, with a few crocuses poking their heads through the bare patches.
Of all the seasons, spring is definitely the most versatile depending which part of Finland you are visiting.
In the North it is still possible to go skiing where as South is getting warmer and warmer.
winter in finland
winter in finland
spring in finland
spring in finland

Winter in figures

– 30°C  –  0°C
Around 120 days
December – March

Spring in figures

0°C  –  +10°C
45 – 60 days
March – May