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Explore Saimaa’s unique lake nature by hiking – there are trails to suit all tastes. Along the hiking trails you will find some amazing nature sites of Saimaa. You can start from Kolovesi National Park, which is close to Savonranta.

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Canoeing and kayaking in Finland is truly the way to experience the beauty of nature. Everything else is stripped away; there is only you and the world around you. Paddling a canoe or a kayak is physical and this, combined with the fresh air, makes it a really healthy activity for both body and mind.

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A place awaiting discovery, Lake Saimaa has wide, well maintained cycling routes for casually taking in the views with interesting destinations and plenty of rest places. Marked trails can be found both in the Kerimäki and Savonlinna region.

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If you’re looking for fishing than Saimaa is the place for you. It offers fish of all sizes and colours. The area is characterised by its diversity and is a paradise for fish and fishermen alike. There are a variety of fishing grounds available allowing you to choose whichever type of fishing appeals to you.

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From July / early August to the end of autumn you can pick berries freely. They are very common in the woods. There are blueberries, wild raspberries, lingonberries and cloudberries. It is super food, very tasty and healthy.
Think about the nature: leave only your footsteps!

Mölkky, is a real fun lawn game that requires some skill, a bit of strategy, and a healthy dose of luck. It has long been one of Europe’s popular outdoor games, and in recent years, Molkky has also slowly become a hit in backyards across the US.
If you’re looking for a new game to play at family barbeques or get-togethers with friends, this might be the game for you.

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At various places in the Saimaa area you can rent a canoe, tent and other equipment. You can follow a set route or create your own trip. You can spend the night anywhere.[More info] and [Here]

Golf on the golf course at Kerimäki. A beautiful ensemble where players can enjoy the challenges of golf in beautiful nature. Kerigolf’s emblem, the bear, appears in many places in the field.

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SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboard. It is basically a surfboard with a paddle, but the SUP is often bigger than the average surfboard. SUPs come in all different sizes and types. There are hard ones and inflatable ones. You can go SUPping on a beautiful lake and enjoy the nature. It is for younger and older people.